Frustrated Magnets

Thursday September 13, 2001, N1189

9:00 S. Bramwell, Degeneracy Breaking In The Frustrated Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet
9:15 S.-H. Lee, Magnetic correlations in the Neel and spin liquid phase of a geometrically frustrated magnet ZnCr2O4
9:30 M. Matsuura, Direct evidence of spin frustration in fcc antiferromagnet NiS2
9:45 A. Mellergård, Non-classical spin configurations in a kagome based frustrated antiferromagnet: analysis of dynamic disorder by the Reverse Monte-Carlo method
10:00 C. Pappas, Dynamic scaling in spin glasses : NSE results and theory
10:15 G. Ehlers, Dynamics of frustrated magnetic moments in TbNiAl