Low Dimensional and Quantum Spin Systems

Monday September 10, 2001, Audimax

11:00 L. Regnault, Polarimetric neutron-scattering study of the optic mode in the spin-peierls compound CuGeO3
11:15 L. Chapon, Structural and magnetic properties of the quasi-1D and 2D molecular magnets Cu(NCS)2pyz and Fe(NCS)2pyz2
11:30 M. Kohgi, Neutron Scattering Studies of the One-Dimensional Quantum Spin Magnetism in Yb4As3
11:45 C. Rüegg, Spin dynamics in the high-field phase of quantum critical S=1/2 TlCuCl3
12:00 R. Coldea, Excitations of a 2D frustrated quantum magnet in the high-field ferromagnetic phase
12:15 K. Kakurai, Spin Excitations in the 2D orthogonal-dimer system SrCu2(BO3)2