Mini Symposium: Spin, Charge and Orbital Degrees of Freedom in Perovskites and Related Compounds

Tuesday September 11, 2001, Audimax, Conveners: H. Yoshizawa, A. Loidl

14:00 D. Khomskii, Superstructures in Manganites and other Doped Oxides
14:25 R. Kajimoto, Charge and Stripe order in La2-xSrxNiO4
14:50 J. Mitchell, Heavily Doped Bilayer Manganites: Links among Structure, Charge and Spin
15:15 B. Keimer, Orbital and Spin Dynamics in Titanates and Vanadates
16:10 E. Dagotto, Theory of Colossal Magnetoresistant Materials
16:35 P. Dai, Resistivity Rise and Short-Range Charge Ordering in CMR Manganites