Mini Symposium: Industrial Applications of Neutron Scattering

Tuesday September 11, 2001, N1189, Conveners: S. Spooner, I. Swainson

14:00 W. Schmahl, Use of the Rietveld Refinement with the Generalized Spherical-Harmonic Model of describing Crystallographic Texture in Polycrystalline NiTi Shape Memory Alloys with Neutron Powder Diffraction Data
14:20 F. Fiori, Characterization of Creep Cavitation Damage in a Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel using Small Angle Neutron Scattering
14:40 R. Coppola, High-temperature Stress Evolution in Brazed Sample for Plasma-Facing Components in Fusion Reactors
15:00 R. Rogge, Neutron Diffraction Measurement of the Evolution of Strain for Non-Uniform Plastic Deformation
16:00 J. Matejicek, Residual Stress in Sprayed Ni+5%Al Coatings Determined by Neutron Diffraction
16:20 R. Rosa, A Tomography System at Neutron Thermal Column of ENEA Casaccia TRIGA Reactor
16:40 Y. Choi, Measurement of Very Small Hydrogen Content in Materials by Measuring the Incoherent Neutron Scattering