Mini Symposium: Neutrons and High-Energy X-Rays in Materials

Monday September 10, 2001, N1190, Conveners: P. Fratzl, H.F. Poulsen

14:00 H. Poulsen, 3DXRD: A New Tool for Bridging the Length Scales in Materials Science
14:25 H. Reichert, Diffuse Scattering Experiments Using High-Energy X-rays and Neutrons
14:50 D. Price, Complementary X-Ray and Neutron Measurements on Contained and Levitated Liquids
15:15 J. Strempfer, Magnetic Moment Determination by the Complementary Methods of High-Energy Magnetic X-Ray and Magnetic Neutron Diffraction
16:00 W. Reimers, Capabilities of Neutrons and High Energy X-Rays for Materials Science
16:25 M. Kaisermayr, Scattering of Neutrons and Photons - Complementary Methods for Diffusion Studies
16:50 S. Hosokawa, Collective Dynamics of Liquid Hg Investigated by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering