Mini Symposium: Hydrogen Atoms in Biological Function

Monday September 10, 2001, N1189, Conveners: D. Myles, N. Niimura

14:00 B. Schoenborn, Protein Crystallography with Spallation Neutrons
14:30 A. Podjarny, The Structure of Aldose Reductase at 0.66Å Resolution shows the H-Atoms Relevant for Inhibitor Binding and the Catalytic Mechanism
15:00 C. Bon, A Combined Neutron Crystallography/IQNS Study of Water around Lysozyme
16:00 A. Ostermann, Hydrogen in Proteins: Recent Results from the Single Crystal Neutron Diffractometer BIX-3
16:20 T. Forsyth, Biological Applications of Monochromatic Neutron Diffraction
16:40 R. Bau, Thermostability of Rubredoxin Determined by Neutron Diffraction Technique